Wanderlust! And them Some Inspiration


I got the above image I got here from bloglovin’. It’s from Germany. Long story short, My application for a Schengen Visa to Austria and Germany was successful and I cannot wait for the 27th when I get to board a flight to Europe for the first time in my life (why does it feel like I have said that too many times on this blog?!).

First and foremost, I’ll share a little confession: I (can) have a temper. One of my colleagues has been away for two lovely weeks and came back with the same prickly attitude. I dealt with her on a bad day. And I snapped and asked her what she wanted. I left out the “HELL” I was dying to rain on her and walked of before the twitching in my arms translated into a moving fist. The rest of the afternoon was spent watching the afternoon fade into night, listening to Josh Groban and watching 39 minutes of Emeli Sade’s performance at the Royal Albert Hall. Then it was some mindless sketching on my notebook (last year’s birthday gift from Lisa), a call to my brother and an open conversation with a client who may be leaving the centre soon.

In retrospect, I have never dealt well with feelings with insecurity and/or inadequacy. Never. And my brain has the capacity to think and overthink and rethink things – and has a strange sticky liking for the negative. So I fumed and huffed and puffed and walked to the terminus and picked a bus home; then sent my brother a text explaining that I had zombie walked to my stop instead of going to my mother’s to spend the night chatting with him and keeping him company (mother dearest is in Rwanda on a class trip).

At home, I washed of, got into bed with a strong cup of brewed coffee and white bread smeared with thick layers of margarine (yes, it was that bad), watched a few episodes of Numb3rs to quiet the voices in my head and slept. I switched off my phone when I woke up, took a loooong bath, washed a few clothes, picked the dry ones from my line, aired my bed and folded by duvets, and left. I realized that I had left my phone in my bed when I couldn’t read my Joyce Meyer devotional and play 2048 as has been the routine since the boyfriend got me hooked; he shared his high scores with me before I could even get to 1,000 points!

Katy Peri had been yelling from my speakers while I took breakfast and showered but there was this loud reggae in the matatu so I listened. I got to the office, handled a few client concerns and replied to emails. Then I sent my archnemesis a couple; which she obviously has not responded to. And I’m certain that she left about 2 hours ago. Since I’m also certain that I am still ripely capable of smacking her, and not just in my head, I figured I can handle her after a restful weekend.

The following blog posts have made my afternoon pretty awesome, though. That and the chat I had with the boyfriend (who has been worried sick because I’ve been off air for almost 24 hours).

Now I feel refreshed and I’m looking forward to the weekend ahead. I’ll be heading to my would be sister-in-laws’ for a birthday part and I can’t wait to be there without Paul’s seemingly expansive and constant absence hanging over my head. Because I’ll be seeing him in just 13 short days.


Cheers and have a great weekend!


Fave Things #35 and What I Have Been Reading

Originally posted on Kerry's Blog:

Happy Friday Friends!

Despite all the troubles that this world is facing at the moment (read:  war, Ebola, terrorism, Lamu land wrangles… you get the picture), I am  grateful to be alive and  the chance to  make a difference.    I am also hoping  to share with you some exciting  life-changing news in the next  few weeks, so stay  tuned.

My GoodReads challenge has me on my toes.  I know that I am  10+ books behind  my 50 books in 2014 target but  reading  is not something to be rushed.  I decided to give myself permission not to finish the  books that I  do not  enjoy even if they are on the New York Times Bestsellers’ List.  Audiobooks, for me  do not really count as reading. I guess that’s why I am yet to make full use of my Kindle app.  There is always something about browsing  through a bookstore…

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Gratitude Challenge 5

Julz and Kaffy

Julz and Kaffy

After the Rain

After the Rain

The Red Tent: my next read (I hope!!!)

The Red Tent: my next read (I hope!!!)

I love courgettes!!!

I love courgettes!!!

Our Fallen Heroes I

Our Fallen Heroes I

Sunset over Nairobi

Sunset over Nairobi

Company :)

Company :)

Our Fallen Heroes II

Our Fallen Heroes II

Our Fallen Heroes III

Our Fallen Heroes III

Positive Challenge Day 5

I am grateful for:
1. Heroes – I’m glad that there have been people before me from whom I can draw inspiration to make me more courageous, disciplined and positive about life and all the lemons it can throw me. Right now, I marvel at the women in my life – starting with my awesome mother and friend (I’m glad we got through our rough patch), my Grandma (an entrepreneur and dare devil if ever there was one!), my aunt Evelyn – whose drive and passion for humanitarian work is really a part of her life – and my aunt Milka – who feels like that older sister that I never had because she keeps it real.
2. Life – I have had the opportunity to grow up in a wonderful home full of colourful characters, I have fallen in love and stayed in love, I have seen and read and heard about human suffering, I have laughed and cried, I have made incredible mistakes and even more incredible friends, I have lost my way and had Help finding it, I have hurt deeply and I have grown slowly, I have learned to hold on and let go even when I didn’t feel like it, I have felt and I have pretended to be indifferent, I have tried to make the world a better place and I have discovered my burning desire(s) in life. Long story short, I have really lived.
P.S. I just want to travel more.
3. Writing – cliche as it may sound, it is true that bleeding out thoughts and feelings onto paper is one of the most profound life experiences ever known to people who write. There is a release, a vulnerability and beautiful bearing of oneself in words put out of the mind – be it for one’s own eyes or those of others around them. Writing has emptied me while also making me whole.

I hereby nominate Racquel Keeru ‘Roasch’, Em Archi Emmillia and Koki Ketili Judie to take part in the positive challenge. For five days, you are to share three things that you are grateful for and to also nominate three people each day to do the same on each day.



Getting nominated for this 5 day challenge is one of the best things to happen to me since… Actually, I can’t tell. Be that as it may, I have been rather jolly lately and a lot of it has had to do with how grateful I am for what I have and with focusing on my gratitude for these wonderful gifts.

I challenge anyone who has read any of these posts to take up the positive challenge and nominate three people to do the same as I did for 5 days. It has been a pretty amazing journey.

Cheers guys!

Gratitude Challenge Days 3 & 4

Koa's new novel, True Citizen

Koa’s new novel, True Citizen

Hey y’all!

I forgot to publish my report on the positive challenge I was nominated to take part in the week before last.

Here’s what I listed yesterday and this afternoon:

Positive Challenge Day 3
I am grateful for:
1. Good Food – although the taste and smell of well made food really do it for me, I like the sight of good food (healthy and tasty) enough to have loads of pictures plastered on my walls. Plus, cooking takes my stress away.
2. Colour – I have too many favourite colours to narrow them down to two or four, but earth tones are a beautiful manifestation of nature’s power. In the same breath, I am grateful that I can experience and encounter colour.
3. Networks – there is not price tag in the world for the value of experience, knowledge and personal growth which I have experienced in the past (almost) year thanks to meaningful networks.

I hereby nominate Maqh Ng’ang’a Mweha, Divine Concepts and Vero Makil to take part in the positive challenge. For five days, you are to share three things that you are grateful for and to also nominate three people each day to do the same on each day.

Positive Challenge Day 4

I am grateful for:
1. Children – I think seeing the world through the eyes of children helps us remember why we are really here. Their everyday insight and intuition, innocence and simplicity, their openness and cheer, it’s something I never get enough of and often need to encounter in order to remind myself that the world isn’t all bad all the time.
2. Sunshine – I can’t stress how much I love the bright African sun!!! I also can’t wait to watch sunrises and sunsets when I start to travel around the world. I can’t wait to experience Summer; Winter, not so much.
3. Religion – believing in a Higher Power who has it figured out, a Master Designer who knows how to fix me when I’m broken, a forever beyond the fleeting and limited joys of today – away from pain and tears and (especially) death – makes my life worth living; particularly when I feel lost.

I hereby nominate Valerie Shaga, Kevin NIajaay Akama and Olive Osoro Nashipai to take part in the positive challenge. For five days, you are to share three things that you are grateful for and to also nominate three people each day to do the same on each day.
Alles gute!

Since I was up linking up with my marketing team at 6:30 a.m. today (meaning I was up at about 4 a.m.), I will be leaving for home in a little while.

Plus, I need to catch up on laundry and finish Koa’s book before the launch on Friday; I have a little under 50 pages left.


Gratitude Challenge Day 2

Hey everyone!
So I took a break from my positive challenge because I’m learning to unplug a little more on weekends. Here’s the Facebook status update I put up a short while ago.

Positive Challenge Day 2
I am grateful for:
1. Books – they have allowed me to escape reality and find a happy place, they have allowed me to see matters beyond my culture and time and appreciation through the eyes of other, they have made me heal and grow and hurt and laugh and worry and (almost) cry.
2. Imagination – I have a fairly wild one and it has enabled me to create my own world and share that world with whomever I please (I like living in my own head; can you tell?).
3. Water – water heals in ways that few other things can and although I still don’t like rainy days, I love water and have scenic pictures of water bodies plastered around my room; I plan to visit those destinations in this life.

I hereby nominate Carol Kesh Kaye, Ann Wanjiru Kiarie and Ann Syokau to take part in the positive challenge. For five days, you are to share three things that you are grateful for and to also nominate three people each day to do the same on each day.


Gratitude Challenge Day 1

Right to Left: Priska and I at Paleo. Lily, who took this picture, got us matching gifts – fancy sticky note pads and black purses.

Oboo Bwana
July 26 at 3:57pm · Nairobi ·

Positive Challenge Day 5.
Am grateful for:

1.My love for nature.I get to hike hills and mountains ,enjoy game drives and sit/ zoob by the lake side to fulfill my adventure spirit.The view of the world form the mountain top is breath taking,observing the wild is inspiring and watching the sunset and the waves to and from the lake shore is relieving and relaxing.

2. Books.This is my home and my place of refuge.I do this for fun,knowledge and inspiration.

3.Writers and World Wide Web for making information available to me.

I nominate Sharon Moragwa Ogugu .Your challenge is to come up with 3 positive things for 5 days and nominate someone new every day to continue the positive challenge.

So I got this Facebook post notification (I think most people call it a tag) on the 26th of July, 2014. That was Saturday. Since I was visiting mother dearest and cell reception at her place is poor(ish), I decided to put the challenge on hold until Monday. But hours do fly and it had been a busy week so here I am taking Priska up on her positive challenge. I put up the following status update a little while back:

Positive Challenge Day 1
I am grateful for:
1. Meaningful relationships – for family, friends who can and do call me out on my crap and help me see through bad days, for that special someone who has helped open my eyes to the world from a refreshingly different perspective.
2. Music – something about my realization of the power that lies behind deeply expressive lyrics and beautifully played instruments has given my life a profound wholeness.
3. Blogs – there is something about the easy, unstructured and open manner of baring one’s soul on the world wide web.

I hereby nominate Julz Amare Poeta, Shikù Wa Nyambura and Julie Mberia to take part in the positive challenge. For five days, you are to share three things that you are grateful for and to also nominate three people each day to do the same on each day.

All the best ladies!

Now we wait to see how the other four days left turn out.

Lately, the universe has been sending out hints at being grateful for everything; big things and little things and such. From a random Bible devotional by Joyce Meyer, to a a tweet by @MindBodyGreen, to a quote by Oprah I came across yesterday. So here I am sharing I feel particularly grateful for today.

What are you grateful for?

2nd Anniversary!

So I got this trophy from WordPress celebrating our second anniversary and I cannot believe that it’s been that long since I started gushing on the internet!

More good news: my visa application is finally done. Now the long wait.

Ever celebrated the going-on-leave email from your chief protagonist at work only to find she left behind another purple dragon in her place?! Yeah, it sucks and I’m guessing some of this may be Karma, but I’ll live.
I can’t wait to go on leave at the end of this month! I feel exhausted by the whole waking-to-work routine and I think I need a break from the routine and a change of scenery.

Chai with the girls on Monday night was awesome!!! I got to catch up with Priska, whom I hadn’t seen in weeks, and Lily, with whom I chat on phone every other day. Then I met Charlie B. for another mug of tea and noisy chatter. The management had to start switching off the lights to get rid of us.

Since I left my mother’s house yesterday, chances of coming back into town from my house – about 20 KM away – were slim. So I missed an awesome concert, another chance to meet up with friends and the serenade – the event organizer, a new friend, Racquel, had them sing for me and Charlie called to let me know.

I was up at 4 a.m. on account of an early morning marketing meeting I have every and I was hoping to leave for home early, but we just got a client who wants to use a hot desk and since that office package is billed per hour, I have to stay on until he leaves.

Not to worry. It’s a chance for me to read more awesome posts on YesandYes by Sarah Bargen, such as this one!

I’m chatting up a gifted writer and poet I know from the writers’ and poets’ workshop I attend every month, Hisia Zagu, and I can’t wait to see how this chat goes and what we can learn from each other and share. Just between you and me, he envies my style of writing and expression. The funny thing is, I am also blown away by almost anything he writes – be it a Facebook status update or a short story!

Meshack Yobby, the guy I’m gushing about above, wrote an amazing piece which I came across a few hours ago. I just had to share it with you:

I think of you.
Cliché, but I think of you
With longing.
I think of your moonlight eyes,
And the dance of your lips.
I think of the embers of your smile,
And the tinder it ignites in me,
I think of my dreams of you,
Warm day, our children, your smile,
Bright colours, greying hair, your warmth.
Beautiful smells wafting from the kitchen.
My arms around you.
And my eternal heartbreak,
Dark clouds and cold winds and no colour
If the heavens call you before me.
I do not know how I love you,
But I do. I love you with a fury,
I love you with a force so strong
I cannot help but let myself drift in its waves.
So here I am, beating at your shores,
Thinking of you.