Tonight at Grandma’s

The rain falls briefly and i listen as it taps on the roof. The clock’s arm moves noisily disturbing the night’s serenity. I breathe slowly and steadily. A cricket, a mosquito, they both sing solo. My nose detects the smell of wet earth. A pleasant smell it is. My feet are hot. I pull off my socks. My bladder is full so i pee in a blue bucket. The cat is outside, i remember. Goodness! Shall i now let him in? No. I shan’t risk waking grandma. She has such a bad cough. She made me sing a hymn tonight. Over and over we sang so she could learn it. I grew impatient and went to the kitchen for chai. She has a nice kitchen. It is very modern. The chai was sweet. I liked it. The night is cool. Very cool and calm. The nice smell of wet earth is gone. It went with the wind. I can hear an aeroplane. It is loud like the city’s noise. The clock. The cricket. Oh the cat! Poor cat! Hope he doesn’t catch cold. Or grandma will be very cross. She likes her cat. And her many chickens too. They keep her company when i am gone.

S. Ogugu
December 29th, 2010


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