Waring Tactics

I wore heels at work today. Wedges, actually, but that isn’t the point. When I am above the ground it is always for a reason. A good reason. Today, I wore heels to help clear my head and draw up plans for battle. With the extra height, I became an eagle watching it’s prey from above.

Over the past few days I have experienced a handful of belittling. I shan’t mention in what circles because that is far from important. I have watched silently as people talked back, ignored me, yelled and sneered. Usually I can handle it, but I decided to find a solution to the existing attitude problem.

The initial phase involved reacting to the irritant. I would cleverly hit back while ensuring that I could not be accused of being rude, tardy or irresponsible. It was all about political correctness with a pinch of hot chilli powder. Just a touch, but enough to taste.

The next phase was silent treatment. By withdrawing from an opponent and keeping away for a time I would unsettle the mark. Absence dons the garb of mystery. So I refrained from the ranting, chatting and small talk all together. Being a fairly audible persona, this proved more difficult than I had anticipated, but it is now working effectively.

Confrontation shall be the final phase. The gap between the second and third step will be stretched out as far as humanly possible, because I have discovered that space and tension yield a highly productive employee, writer, friend, cook, and blogger of me.

Cheers to the art of war and the good men who made the time to pen it down for commons such as I!

S. Ogugu 2012


2 thoughts on “Waring Tactics

  1. You fight with a cool head, executing the best tactic for the battle terrain; the mark of a master strategist. Most incisively, you grasp the application of nonverbal signals to psychological warfare. One pities the rash opponent who charges headlong at you.

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