Wednesday Weekly: The Weekend

It has been such a long time since I bought myself anything really good, that I am still relishing the brief shopping experience I had last night.

As tends to be the case with us young bloods, I know that I can spend a little more than is necessary on occasion. So I walk around with just enough money to buy me a meal and a ride on the matatu home. Anyway, I had been postponing getting myself a handful of vests; if I recall correctly, I spent some of the cash to purchase cake.

So last night, with the reality of Global Warming urging me on and three hundred shillings to my name, I bought two black vests. I saw a purple, maroon, stripped, pink and grey one. After that, I saw two white ones. I begged the vendor not to sell them and literally ran home to beg for money to complete the purchase.

Mother dear was in a foul mood as a result of a bout of the flu. My little brother, on the other hand, walked with me to a nearby ATM and handed me the money.

So now I am happy and cannot wait to display my wardrobe alterations and draw the envy of my girlfriends my way.

In related news, mother and I purchased a tent for the Maasai Mara marathon. I cannot wait to go. I am keeping my fingers crossed for a grand old time and scorching hot weather so I can let my skin breathe. Yes, you guessed it. Another opportunity to display beautiful garments with the Bahamas shorts that I never really get to wear often enough.

Cheers to the weekend laden with promise!


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