Monday Morning

Dear Universe,


Good afternoon!

The weekend has been restful and inspirational, so for the first time in history I am not venting about some misfortune. So there.

I have managed to meet my goals for the weekend – the writer’s block that had plagued me for over a week is finally dissolved. Inclusive of this was to hang out with two of my closest clique of girlfriend – the evening spent over a burger and sandwich with cocktail juice at a cozy diner in the city center and the weekend sleepover complete with a great movie, late night chat and a lazy Sunday worked out perfectly. Even my cycle is spot on check, which doesn’t happen too often, by the way.

Next weekend and the next two that follow it are booked with lunch dates, a wedding that I feel certain I shan’t be attending, a dinner date over priceless advice about men and marriage, formerly over-postponed sleepovers and those organized right out of the blue.

So long Monday Blues! Well, for now at least…



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