I hate Mondays. Yes, I am stating the obvious, but I want to rant about something, so here I am.

It isn’t just because I cannot sleep in, or that I have to be at the office, neither is it just the depressing cold and wet weather nor the cheque that is taking forever to clear. It is all these things put together, plus the fact that I feel stuck and confused.

Do I start the ball rolling in the direction of a Masters degree? Do I start a business next year? Do I first find work in the nutrition field before furthering my studies? Should I settle in Europe after my studies? Could I come back and work in Kenya? Should I focus more on PR and short story writing? When do I start working on getting my stories published?

My head is spinning with ideas, plans, daydreams and fears of failing at it all. I don’t know. Maybe I should simply enjoy the annoying breeze chilling my breath.

Thank heavens for coffee!!!


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