Thank-you Mr. President!

Dear Mr. President,

It is with heart full of gratitude that I write you today. I know are a busy man, and as such, I shan’t take much of your time. So without much ado, I shall proceed to list the things for which I am personally thankful to you for:

1. the chance to step away from my desk for lunch, while you read your speech and kept our office unoccupied for over 3 hours

2. an opportunity to soak in some much needed sun – I work on the 7th floor of the building whose opening you officiated yesterday

3. time to finally read an entire chapter of Ring Around the Moon by Mary Burnett Smith – you should read her sometime, Mr. President

4. an opportunity to move out some of my stuff from my old place to where my life is taking a whole new turn for the challenging and adventurous

God bless you, Mr. President!

And God bless Kenya!


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