Moving On

This morning, I woke up less tense than I had been yesterday. Obviously because of the elections and how everything was dragging on and quiet. Feels like I’m playing a part in some scary movie where there are dark shadows lurking and the music is rising to a crescendo just before the monster shows up.

Enough of that. You all know by now that I have the imagination of a child (or children at different life stages).

Now that I am nursing a headache from having remained unexposed to the sun for days, I realize that life does go on after elections. Now I just wish we would all get back to our places of work and allow the rest of us to feel less queasy about the lack of traffic, empty footpaths and isolated floors in government building!

No, I am not some patriotic optimist who has not seen bad things happen in a fairly good country, but seriously, life needs to start picking pace. I especially think that children should be back in school and away from their households where I have discovered that they are more likely to get poisoned by the bile we adults spew out ever so readily in their presence.

So, Kenya, Sharon has spoken. She isn’t a morning person, she doesn’t enjoy the frontal headaches from staring at her laptop all day, she doesn’t like not being able to watch an animation twice every week and read a book in days as opposed to weeks. However, Sharon is somewhat resigned about what has passed. If you aren’t seated in front of a ballot box counting coloured paper, or reading the news, please do the economy a favour and report to work tomorrow morning.


2 thoughts on “Moving On

  1. True! True! I hate all the smell of fear in the atmosphere. I was told that everything in Nairobi is ok
    until I walk into Nakumatt Mega at 9.30 pm and I can’t even find even a single loaf of bread (What
    happened to you need it, we’ve got it). I wish everyone would adopt the mentality that whatever the outcome, life has to go on. The politicians won’t pay your bills!

  2. YES! Now food is being hoarded and some wares going for 4 times their normal price. One and a half times makes some sense – a little. But buying a lemon for 20 shillings instead of 5 is stretching it.
    Today, the streets are a little more crowded, buses and matatus fuller, etc. But I still have to wait for 10 minutes for public transport and another 10 for the vehicle to fill up.
    Kenya, we still owe KRA taxes and there will be reports to submit, emails to respond to, outreach programmes to participate in.
    Will you all please return to your places of work!

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