Tis the Sneaker Season

My knees hurt! Last night, they hurt so bad I had trouble sleeping. And here’s the best part. It isn’t early onset arthritis, or an old injury from my rugby playing days. It’s my shoes. My walking shoes.

I headed home one evening when I saw this dark brown pair of leather moccasins. It took me an unusually short time for my feet to adjust – curse of the long flat foot – and in a matter of days I was walking to the office in my new flats in all manner of weather. The problem with really flat, super comfortable, neutral coloured shoes is this – they become difficult to take off my feet, even on weekends.

Which takes us back to my hurting knees. I was forced to take baby steps along a muddy, messed up excuse of a road earlier this week and I realized that it was time to move on to my next pair. The pain in my lower limbs (I now recall that it started with my ankles) must have something to do with inappropriate footwear for the season.

Now, the resolution is buy my poor feet a new pair of shoes. If I stretch it, I could buy 2 pairs. This time it isn’t going to be a pair of slutty 6 inches or delicious peep-toe wedges or Winter boots should the adorable Germans accept my application for higher education in Munich. This time I will get sneakers. That way, I can finally start working out on weekends, braving the weather, taking fewer minutes avoiding mud puddles and simply taking care of my ankles and knees better.ImageDisclaimer: The above pair should suffice until I get my new sneakers; something that I should have done before the rainy season began and further back towards the end of last year.


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