#2 Mara Road Madness: And Then It RAINED!

Dear World,

This is my second written venting session about the crazy mayhem that is Mara Road. In Kenya, we don’t have Summer, Winter, Autumn and Spring. We have long rains and short rains – as was discussed on Kerry blog sometime this week. In my books, I count July as another season because it is one of those months when the cold sets in like it is threatening to kill – well, kill me since I have never gotten along with cold.

Back to Mara Road. This week has been cold and wet. Meaning that our road is now a lot swampier. Anyone remember the story of a river from Geography classes back in elementary school? It’s happening right before my eyes – the rivulets, ox-bow lake, meandering, etc.

So I make my appeal to the lovely boys and girls in-charge of Mara Road: do something already!!!ImageImage


3 thoughts on “#2 Mara Road Madness: And Then It RAINED!

  1. I am loving the new look blog theme! As for Mara Road…Our infrastructure in Nairobi is the pits! I wish these politicians could commute for one day as a typical Kenyan…Maybe they would somewhat touched…. Tafadhali Serikali….

    • I have done my bit. Now, I’ll buy a new pair of sneakers and start jogging. My body fat is 0.4% above normal. Don’t ask.
      Anthony Chienjo once said: the system is not broken; it was built that way. With regard to governance, I couldn’t agree more. I think we should fix our own roads, pay less tax, use more public transport and teach government that we like ourselves too much to be bullied like this!

    • And thanks for the heads up. You make me want to blog all the time about everything. How do I change that line “Smile! You’re at the best wordpress.com site ever!”?

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