HOPEful, amongst MANY other things

I woke up this morning with the strongest urge to call in sick. I am so tired lately and even 8 hours of sleep find me dragging myself out of bed with the greatest human effort mastered for such a task.

I am not a morning person. That goes without saying. Anyone who knows me well knows better than to call me before noon on a Sunday. At night, I come alive. That’s when I want to read and catch up on my clinical nutrition notes, when I want to grab a movie, when I want to hang out with my friends, when I want to clean house with good music that I can dance and sing along to for hours. I also prefer doing my laundry in the evening; obviously the clotheslines are empty and there’s always that overwhelming sense of relief when you’re picking clothes from the line when everyone else is planning to wake up bright and early the following day to get to where you are.

I cannot wait to go on leave next month. Mostly because I will be able to sleep, but also because I plan on selling myself like the funkiest cellphone in the market. I need to find work in the nutrition field and I need to do so like yesterday.

Meanwhile, I am proud of the progress I’ve made with regard to personal growth. I am reading a little more, making time for family and friends and learning a great deal from a mentor in my real career path. Of course I am still hoping that October finds me in a class in some Winter-struck portion of the world. The other reason why I think I’ve grown is that I am looking forward to the Biochemistry classes, laboratory sessions and the craze that was student life only 1 year ago. I don’t plan on going to school in my 40s, should God will that I live to see the day. I will be busy applying what I studied in my youth as a lecturer, teacher, private tutor, community health worker, public speaker and/ or farmer. I am hoping to continue teaching, reading, writing and speaking to the end of my days. I also hope to have inculcated the same spirit in my daughter so I will watch as she experiences the satisfaction that comes with knowing you’ve made marked a difference in someone’s life. I thought I didn’t want children, but I grew up and met a guy and started attending and speaking at baby showers and was attached at two hospitals in the Maternal and Child Health units and my friends got babies… And the rest is history.

How do mothers do it? The food cravings, the hormonal roller-coaster rides, the weight gain, stretchmarks on unmentionables, the fevers and colic, sharp-pitched screams in the ungodly hours of the night (as Anthony Chienjo would put it, when bedsheets are friendliest), nursing for hours and wooing and rocking wide open eyes to sleep, the falls and bumps and bruises, the numerous visits to the doctor for check-ups and bumps and bruises. Then there’s the broken China from your wedding day or your Granny or mother-in-law’s priced collection, child-proofing the house and hiding medication and anything that can fit in a small mouth or break skin or land with a thud or electrocute.

It’s now a little after 5 p.m. and I have not had a chance to listen to John Legend as I had labelled today my John Legend Thursday. But that’s okay. I’m done with the blog I started writing at about 8.30 am and life is beautiful. The highlight is that I have ordered a zucchini cake and that I have a new client that I am meeting tomorrow evening; time to get a new lady on the right path to healthier living through a healthier relationship with food. Plus, my mentor likes me. I’m glad that, in spite of the fatigue and anxiety about the future, my present seems to be rolling out quite nicely.

P.S. I just hope the gentleman I am scheduled to meet for a case study exercise does not let me down a second time.


2 thoughts on “HOPEful, amongst MANY other things

  1. Hi Sharon, You have totally begun my week for me. This is what I would consider a wholesome day ..at the end of which you would sit down smile and have that satisfying sigh.
    I LOVE the end of the day..so full of hope and appreciation of life as well as a promise of greater pursuits ahead.
    In a nutshell..Consider me inspired.

    • Hey Tony,

      Thanks for reading this. I am glad I rekindled hope in someone’s life. And at the beginning of a new week!
      Sometimes all we need to do is to look at the little things so we can remember that it isn’t always that bad.

      Thank-you for the kind words.

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