Last Friday’s Inspiration: Mr. A

ImageFriday afternoon came with the pleasant surprise of hosting a client of my mentor’s at my place of work. What started off as a casual chat with wonderful gentleman with the greatest personality wound up as one of the best one-on-ones that I have had with any acquaintance in ages.

Mr. A, started to explain that he could not make it for the next Diabetes Seminar that we’ll be holding on Friday the 26th. I told him his absence would be noted; which was not just Sharon playing nice, by the way – Mr. A is the highlight of this sessions!  I found myself telling him that I lost my greatest hero, my Grandpa, to Diabetes and he started to tell me how I was now making a difference in the lives other diabetics through my participation in the seminars and other sessions where I talk to people about lifestyle issues. I almost got up from my chair and gave him a hug.

Then he went on to give me yoghurt and peanuts as little lunch token. I could not stop thanking him. I have thought about Friday afternoon and Mr. A’s kind words all weekend and all day today.

It goes to remind me how a little gesture goes a long way. Not on my part, but his. I doubt that I will ever forget how it made me feel to hear someone like him, who reminded me of my Grandpa, tell me that I was doing good. I guess I’m right on track after all.


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