The 1st week of May, in summary

Dear World,

I’m back. And not simply in the way that I like to share stuff about hope and beauty in the little things around us, but in the reflective way that makes you realize how annoying certain life lessons have to be.

If there is something I dislike more than the smell of raw cabbage or boiling meat, it must be the printer at the office. One can never tell why one imperfect day it will decide to stop working, cough out one warning signal after the other, suffer numerous paper jams in a row or share a lesson in machine diagnostics by showing up with a new problem we have never soon.

Add to that the urgency of a document, busy colleagues and a sleepy brain and you have Sharon on a loooong Friday afternoon. I would have sworn that it was 2 p.m. about 2 years ago because the clock seems drowsier than my brain is. Eventually, the old bag of plastic and cables decided to let up and I was able to do what I needed to . The journey here was not in the least bit pleasant, but here I am… ALIVE!

The other upside of the close of this week is that I have chanced upon a new challenge that really woke me up. Kerry has been hinting that I should start a nutrition-focused blog since forever, and when I came across I understood why. My consolation is the digital health magazine we’re working on with Bodo and whose release is coming to hospitals, clinics and health facilities near you sooner than you can say ‘Siha’ – for your information, ‘siha’ is another word for ‘afya’ or ‘health’ in Swahili.

That said, I am looking forward to the end of this month for more reasons than the obvious financial implications. I hope to be going on leave and shopping for Winter. My hope bulb has been a little dim lately, but the mains is A-Team okay.

Kajiado is in view and I can’t get my mind off being there this weekend. I am also looking forward to a probable meeting with a dear old friend who was taken ill for a long time. The main dish for this weekend, however, is Kajiado. Following weeks of planning, Julie and I are finally going back for a program whose final planning will be taking place at some coffee shop or cafeteria this evening.

A tip for the weekend: How terrible I feel inside should never reflect how I treat anyone, especially if they are not involved in the frustration I am going through. Simply put, I have a lot of growing up to do and character building to endure.

I hope to be speaking with you all soon. Have a great weekend!



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