Welcome Back!!!

Dear World,

I am back in business!

It would likely take me 2 weeks straight to tell you what has happened between my last post a couple of months ago and this one. So I’ll stick to the milestones. I resigned from my job, got rejected by the university that I had applied to in Germany, almost completed my nutrition mentorship program, started singing with a band at a hospital near home, thought a great deal about my life and personal decisions, attended Camp Meeting at church for 2 days, babysat my baby cousin (he’s eleven, by the way) and reconnected with him after way too long, traveled to the Coast of Kenya, and finally got called back to my former place of work for a month (my replacement was going back to school).

Now that you are up to speed I will have you know that I think I’m okay. No. I am okay. Our twenties, I believe, are our years of experimentation. And I am by no means making reference to crystal meth, alcohol, weed, house music, Goth culture, body piercing, sex, extreme stunts or multiple personality disorders. I mean that this is the only time when we can really decide what we want to do with the rest of our lives, for how long we’d like to do whatever that it, the reasons behind our decisions and the people we want and/or need to surround ourselves with for the journey.

That said, the general plan is to research into and reapply at other schools in Germany (there’s something about the quality of snow there), engage in fieldwork and get as much community experience as I can absorb, find work in different fields to raise money for fees, everyday use and personal rewards (read: trips around the country, a wardrobe facelift, books for my home library) and get back to writing as passionately and seriously as I did earlier in the year.

That said, folks, thanks for waiting up!



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