Good morning kids!

It’s Friday! And that God it’s Friday because that means no work tomorrow and an extra hour of sleep (all ye nocturnals sing a hymn of praise) and of course a break from the usual week-long routine.

The other highlight is also family time. We get to hang out in the living room and watch the National Geographic channel while laughing at the audacity of white people (there’s a reason why we Africans don’t sit on crocodiles or keep lions as pets; nature has some unspoken rule about it and we’re willing to share the facts if you will listen). Speaking of all things nature, do make a point of watching the documentary: The Human Planet. Then you’ll see why I insist there’s a living God. There’s no way a big bang gave human beings and leaves distinctly different finger and leaf prints, respectively. Adaptation is too detailed a design to be a matter of chance, but that’s a discussion for another Friday.

Today, I’m hooking up with my girl Lisa and we shall mark the beginning of the weekend as loudly as we can. Simply put, Lisa is one of those genius types that can sing a lot like Joss Stone and Jazmine Sullivan without as twitch on her face, whose brain runs on ‘unique mode’, and then there’s the sense of humour from out of this galaxy. But that’s just a touch of it. When she’s not being deep and dragging me through a practical critical thinking theory, Lisa is cracking my ribs or making me feel great. I can’t wait for the hours to fly by!

In precisely two weeks, I’ll be planning baby visits and, hopefully, a picnic or lunch with my girls: Beryl, Brenda, Claire, Ivy, Lily, Olive and Priska. That is always something to look forward to. It has been too long since we were all together talking about everything that has been going on in our and each others’ lives. I’m thinking it’s time we planned a road trip to the coast or a camping trip in Naivasha for a few days.

So let’s all raise our mugs of hot beverage as we welcome the weekend this chilly Friday morning!


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