Mombasa Raha!



I have been meaning to turn you green with envy for a while now.

August and September were the best months in my resignation period because I got to visit the Coast of Kenya – the city of Mombasa, to be precise – and I had a grand time. We saw and ate and listened to and danced to wonderful encounters. It was all perfect: the warm weather whose heat did not scald; the company of new and old friends and family; the visits to new places with historical accounts worth knowing about and being proud of; the ocean and sand and the scenic views that came with it all.

Mother dearest and my brother came along – she was going on official duty and was graciously allowed to bring us along (I need a government job!!!) so we took a cozy bus and had fun during the road trip, on arrival, at the AGM and at the office party in the evening. We also got to sample night life at the coast. Let’s just say that we at the capital can learn a thing or two from the kids in the sunny city.

But there was cake before there was an ocean. Julie, my sister from another mother (she once told my gynecologist that we were separated at conception. If you don’t find that funny, you have no sense of humour at all!), was celebrating her birthday belatedly and we all got together for Red Velvet. From the silent reverence following the initial tasting, I must say The Mug deserves a review for their sterling services.

Of course I took the last bus available (some beat up excuse of a vehicle) back to Nairobi to attend Ninoy’s wedding. She’s another soul sister from way back when. The girl with her is my look-alike-even-to-family-members girl called Ivy. She’s super awesome too and we now work close to each other. Coincidentally, Julie has been getting work assignments closer to and within Westlands area. I’m just so happy right now it’s almost unreal. And sharing these memories with everyone else simply feeds the frenzy.

I’ll leave the rest to the pictures. I hope you’re sufficiently envious now.


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