Cake Hut Club Sandwich plus…


The first time I saw this place, sitting still close to the Uchumi Supermarket close to home, I was completely blown away by everything about it. Cake Hut was one of the most original names for a coffee shop that I had come across in eons and I could not wait to have a look and taste whatever they had to offer. Of course I feared that everything would be too pricy, so I put aside a little cash after my next paycheck and made time for a proper visit – bringing just myself and as open a mind as I could afford to have.

The inside had that dim lighting of a cabaret, but it wasn’t smoky or stuffy. Thankfully, neither was it overpriced. The dark brown floor tiles, the seductive smell of roasted coffee beans, the beautiful paintings with lighting around them which gave them that just-right pose… It was perfect. It was oh-so-perfect.

They served freshly baked cake from their own kitchen – red velvet, blueberry, pinacolada, tiramisu, white forest, black forest, banana cake and later cheese cake. I had my first encounter with two of these flavours in my own company before inviting a select set of friends to join me for the same.

As the merry story goes, I kept going back for more, but there’s that part where my tastes lean towards the savoury as opposed to the sweet. Which was how I decided to order for the club sandwich at the Cake Hut.

I still come short of the proper description of what I felt on the evening when I took my first bite. A thick filling of beef and chicken with lettuce, capsicum, cucumber (maybe) and tomato and a creamy salad dressing to give it the precise allure that would complete the magical journey. This is no mere exaggeration, my good friends. I love cooking, I love food and I definitely fell in love with this sandwich; forgetting that I had quit red meat years before and was hoping to be a vegetarian in a year or so. The other things I like about this great snack are that it has a variety of tastes, temperatures and textures wrapped in one in a nutritious balance – crunchy vegetables in green and red, well done shredded meats in light and dark browns, toasted bread with brown streaks of near-charring, a tangy cream salad dressing. Also, if you can finish what you ordered, you can always have half of it packed or the leftovers to go so you can extend your pleasurable encounter at home or in the office.

So if you are in Nairobi and you would like to have a breath-takingly good sandwich, take time to visit Cake Hut in Nairobi West right next to Uchumi Supermarket and experience good food.

P.S. Their cake is also to die for and their fries and fish fingers are also pretty amazing; the creamy dips that come with the fish are like something out of an Italian kitchen with the perfect musk of garlic coating one of the two options served. Of course I only advocate for the occasional greasy treat; so this can be a monthly treat or the perfect place to surprise a friend with dinner on their birthday – like Julie and Kevin surprised me.



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