#1: Reconnection

Have you been in one of those situations where your mind wanders off into everything and then comes back and for one split second you think of someone and you stop to dwell on that thought?

If that person is an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend then I’m tempted to ask you to move on to the next or previous posts. But you can stay if you’re interested still.

If you are a frequent one on my blogs, you know how much value I attach to friendship. One of my closest friends – for now you just need to know that it’s either Beryl, Ivy, Lily, Olive or Priska – called me to say that she had missed me. Rather, she asked whether we were still friends. To put it mildly, the remark left a hollowness in me.

In all honesty, I have been focused on getting back on track with my saving – there’s this target that got side-tracked after my resignation in June – since I still plan on getting into graduate school and doing so overseas, getting into business so I can quit formal employment next year, and focusing on my hobbies as career points (in this case I am talking about public speaking and nutrition education).

But I now want to stop. I want to stop and smell the roses. Why? Because I keep to my mantra: do that which speaks to your most authentic self. And that has always been people; life is more about people than anything else.

I was at a “meeting” today with four people who make fantastic musical company: Kate, Joseph and Charlie. We had the grand opportunity to offend a patient undergoing dialysis because our prime selection at the time sounded like a call to accept an after-life invitation. There was too much awkwardness to allow for an apology; and we were racking our brains furiously for a song to make up for the last disaster. When we were finally done, a former workmate asked whether we could do the same for an out-of-town cancer support group. Then it came to me in a flash: I want to do this for as long as I can and to pass down the tradition to another group of young people who find it fulfilling to “serenade the sick”.

Right now, I am so happy with how the day has turned out, I want to do it all over again at whatever cost; because something about connecting with people gives my life real meaning.


From Left to Right: Priska, Sharon, Lily, Claire, Ivy and Cheryl



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