Quick Snack


So I was supposed to share this tip for a quick snack last week, but I forgot my data cable at home and was too lazy to run up the stairs and get it once I discovered that I didn’t have it with me at the gate.

I love rice and I like my rice spicy. So when mother dearest made plain boiled rice for dinner I was left feeling cheated. In retaliation, I cooked something else for lunch the following day and decided to do something with the pale starch I found lying lazily in the refrigerator the following evening.

I diced some ripe tomatoes, tossed them into a little hot oil and put a lid on them for a few minutes. Once the tomatoes were done, I added a small batch of the leftover rice and stirred until it was heated up. Once this was out of the pan, I added a small slice of avocado and mixed it up thoroughly.

The result is as you see in the little white bowl above. It tastes really good and took about 6 minutes to prepare and serve.

P.S. Fry your tomatoes to ensure your fat soluble vitamins are bioavailable (available for absorption once consumed). Fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K need oil/fat so they can be absorbed into the body; so eat your fresh vegetables from time to time, but fry them too.


Here is a chicken stew (always with a large scoop of freshly pounded garlic) which I whipped up recently. Needless to say I am a huge fun of tomatoes and avocado. On occasion, I crave black olives and have learned that they are an amazing addition to a tomato soup or sauce – especially one made with lots of ripe plum/sweet tomatoes. Avocado has a more laid back taste and is rather filling so I also use it as a bread spread in the place of margarine or peanut butter.



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