#1 Food Fest!

Hello World!

I have been dying to tell you about all my new – and not so new – food encounters over the past couple of days that I have gone missing. I’m so sorry about that, by the way. But the year is winding down and I am looking for new business and throwing around special offers so I can actually have a job in the new year!

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I’ll let you have a look and explain briefly where necessary.


We had pepperoni pizza with my brother as a belated birthday celebration in his honour. The great thing is that Pizza Inn has a Terrific Tuesday offer where you only buy one pizza and get another just like (or one which costs less) absolutely free! It has been a while, so I had two slices for dinner and carried leftovers to share with mother dearest and have for breakfast with my brother the following day.


Speaking of our mother, she brought Chinese which we had for lunch the next day. Imagine my surprise when I found the rice still puffy and the chunks of tomato and capsicum crunchy and fresh. The bits of chicken gave a great text texture variety, but my absolute favourite was the taste of cashew nuts in the entire mix!


 And what’s Chinese without fish fillet? If, like my friend Lily, chicken is not your thing then fish is almost always the way to go. Back when I didn’t mind red meat, I had beef sesame – strips of beef cooked with sesame seeds. Let’s just say it was one of the best beef I had had then.

IMG_3117[1]              IMG_3017[1]

Since I’m all about healthy, I have been binging on fruit too. I still have my fries every other Friday evening, and pizza every few months, but it’s a not a frequent habit. And I like looking out for fruit during breakfast meetings – such as the ones I have at Methodist Guesthouse every Wednesday at 6.30 a.m. However, I buy fruit whenever I get a chance and have been trying to make it a habit to eat one or two types of fruit each day. That might explain why my flu only lasted one and a half days.

IMG_3141[1]                             IMG_3153[1]

A little while back, a good friend of mine dropped in for a visit with chocolate doughnuts. Now, I am not a lover of things sweet, but these little monsters were sweet! Fresh from the oven and colourful enough to make you want to make a habit of snacking on them at tea-time. Another tea-time snack worth sharing – if not for the calories, then for the simple joy of experiencing wonderful tastes with someone else – is what we call mahamri. It’s the Kenyan version of dumplings, but 000 is added to the flour used to make the dough before deep frying. That extra kick goes down pretty darn well with a hot cup of Ketepa tea, especially in this cold season.

Stay tuned for more on my food fest!


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