January, Please End

Dear World,

I have been a very happy and terribly sad young lady these past few weeks. The man I have been in love with since I was in my late teens came back home from Europe and we were able to make some pretty amazing memories together.

However, he left this weekend and I am sad about not having dinner dates or coffee dates or plans for the weekend with mutual friends involving him. And we’re back to using Skype to remember what we look like and to ensure we haven’t changed too much. He even sounds a little different already. Well, maybe not. But you get my point.

So here I am wishing January would end so I can buy new rabbits to breed for our joint business, so I can get paid and bank some savings so my head will stop crunching guilt numbers, so I will get back into my work and side job rhythm, and so I won’t miss him so much anymore. And also so that February can come and Valentine’s Day can pass as quickly as it should under these circumstances.


Yes, yes, I do need a drink.

A mug of Organo Gold Cafe Latte!!!


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