“The mediocre t…

I’m a big believer is networking and training. Why? I eat into the giver’s gain policy adopted by Business Networks International since I am a member of one of these fantastic chapters (Legacy is currently the leading chapter in East Africa) and also I am big on education – you never have enough of learning, do you now?


“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”

Recours Four Kenya Consultants Limited will be offering an intensive training program this year, 2014, in Nairobi Kenya. We have managed to partner with a few HR associates in order to execute this well planned training & development program for staff in various organizations. We would like to urge all key decision makers in companies to take advantage of our well affordable rates, experienced trainers, state of the art training facilities, certifications and informative training materials. 

Training in any organization/company or establishment is vital. Investing in employees through training makes employees feel valued and improves motivation. In addition, when employees treat customers well by using proper customer service, communication and marketing skills, they are more likely to be treated well in return. All these factors help to increase employee loyalty thereby lowering costs in…

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