#3 Fantastic Blogs and Bloggers

So here are a few more blogs and bloggers who make my mornings worth waking up to:

Elsie and Emma of A Beautiful Mess knocked the wind out of me with Valentine stay-in meals, vertical storage to save on space in my little nest and a DIY concrete kitchen slab project which seems as easy as eating paste – if you’re one of those girls fixated on doing stuff with your hands.

Kerry, Kerry, Kerry. What would I ever do without your posts and links to posts and blogs that help me think business, money, wardrobe and home – Nairobi is my heart and soul and I love being a city girl too. Here is why I am in love with Kerry’s blog today.

After following http://www.bloglovin.com for a few months now, I came up with an idea for my blank walls. It’s inspired by my love for good food and great colour to match.


Remind me to rant and rave about this month’s expenditure and the foreboding I have sitting fat and happy right in front of me!

Cheers to a great Tuesday, though!


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