I WANT to be with KCB!



Today is the 4th of February. I don’t know about your locals, but in Nairobi – and I’d like to assume this happens across the country too – banking halls fill up with everyone. Messengers banking cheques, parents paying school fees, college students paying for tuition and accommodation, business owners withdrawing money for feeds and wares and wages. In short, you can queue for hours and still get very little done, especially if, like me, your savings account, current account, business account and landlord’s account are at different banks.

However, welcome to Kenya Commercial Bank. All the tellers are seated and serving efficiently even at tea time and lunchtime when you will usually find one or two painfully slow tellers at other banks. All their staff is prompt and apologetic on the rare occasion that their systems are down for 10 seconds straight. You are issued with a ticket at the door so that whoever came in first gets served first – some of us queue for a while and only fill out our deposit or withdrawal slips when we’re almost at the counter. They have seats in the banking hall and call out the ticket numbers while you check your emails or tweet or update your Facebook status or count how little cash you have after clearing your bills.

I had promised myself that I would leave my old bank and join this one simply because they help me deal with the stress of paying my bills like nobody else has in years. February is the love month and it is time to move.


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