#5 Fantastic Blogs and Bloggers

I follow Elsie and Emma’s blog and I love to do things with my hands. If I had the time – when I finally have the time because it’s the only hope I cling to on a crazy busy day – I would build my own honey combed shelves like this or this, corner shelves and a home office. There’s the part where I should also have my own home to do all this, but it’s in the general plan. I’m still young (ish) and I will get me that dream home.

Anyways, I came across something which spoke to me on A Beautiful Mess. I am a floor person. I would much rather sit on the floor than anywhere else in any house. In fact, I walk around barefoot and have no intention of getting a sofa for my little nest. My dream is to have a room in my house where I can sit on the floor because there are pouffes everywhere and a wall to wall carpet or rags that cover the floor. So imagine the sheer pleasure of coming across a post about making your own drum floor pouf! Yes, I could die right now!!!

And since I am disciplined enough to work from home on some days of the week (not most, though; not while there’s popcorn in my kitchen and a season of Scandal on my Lumia baby). So this idea for a home office blew me away and got me thinking that I would love to be as industrious as the wall hanging urges us to be.

Cheers to dreaming big!


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