#1 Lumia Colour

Since a picture (great or awful) is worth a thousand words (or chuckles, frowns, giggles, smiles and/or sighs), I will let the colour in my world – through a Lumia 920 and a Carl Zeiss lens – speak for itself.


I attended my prospective brother in-law’s wedding at this lovely chapel/cathedral in Ngong, Nairobi. Yes,

it felt as if we had literally taken a road trip, but this beautiful piece of architectural genius was worth all the

traffic we endured.


My prospective sisters-in-law are fantastic professional cooks and chefs and this was a great home made

meal I had at one of their lovely homes. I mixed it all up so I had a smaller doggy bag, but it was still a great

meal when I warmed up the still-crunchy carrots and firm peas with tumeric rice.


My lover and I skipped town for a little over a week some time back. He always makes me feel safe in his

hands and arms and this shot makes me stupidly nostalgic as a result.


This is a picture of a (printed) picture which I got from my brother. I used this picture to help design and

work out the plan for my rabbit house project. The finishing on mine was not as fantastic as this, and it still

upsets me greatly, but the finishing will be done by someone some time later in the month (I hope). Anyone

looking to breed or buy rabbit, do stay in touch.


My mother is in the reflection. We look quite alike and behave like sisters. And I love food. We got a great

fish treat with ugali and greens when we visited Kajiado where my friends and I volunteer at a school.

Simply put, we were hosted well. Almost too well!


Breakfast in Kajiado the morning after our dinner in the town…


Christmas in Kajiado with the girls and other volunteers and sponsors


A beautiful sunset in Ahero, near Kisumu


A great lunch prepared with much love at Ahero with my lover and his family


Obviously, I love colour and food. I will keep you posted on more. Meanwhile, do try and remain focused on actual work for the next 4 hours.



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