#6 Fantastic Blogs and Bloggers

Look at what my Lumia baby can do!!!

Look at what my Lumia baby can do!!!


Yes, yes, my mother tells me to stop yelling so much all the time; I should learn to tone down a bit. I both agree and disagree. Silly psychoanalysis about the conflict of self coming to a theater near you. Or not.

Which is beside the point of this blog. I have been following http://www.yesandyes.org for a while now, and there have been a handful of posts which have given me such hope and joy in my day. Such as today when I am tired and irritable and pissed off by the lady holding a stupidly loud telephone conversation in that narrow corridor space in front of the lifts. Plugging in John Legend. If You’re Out There has great beats and I love drums -it’s an African thing I think (can’t even recall where I got that from! Maybe I read too much, after all…)

So here is a sweetly hilarious post about traveling. Remember those foot-in-mouth situations? Being an alien can leave you feeling awkward and silly – which control freaks like myself cannot stomach. Well, can, but would rather not.

Read it. This post by Sarah. I repeat for emphasis because it really is THAT good.

Cheers to a Friday I have been dying for!!!


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