#2 Lumia Colour

I checked in for my monthly dose of Hisia Zangu yesterday and here I am to share the colourful encounter.



Lisa is one of the best things that happened to me in 2013. I met her at my former place of work and we

have been fast friends since. Later, we discovered that we had been in the same primary school. She and

I can talk for our and though I love music and can sing, Lisa has a deeper more vivid appreciation for music

than I have seen in any single human being.

So she’s a little camera shy, but I had to show her off.


Lisa fills my life and those around her with such joy and laughter, I had to capture this shot too!


Hellen is the campus roommate I keep ranting and raving about. She is a lovely lady who I need in large

doses and pocket size too. I love this blurry shot of her and since she too is camera shy, she may not kill

me for posting it. Hellen has read more books than I have and has also likely watched more series than I



Here’s Lisa looking away, Richie (a mind-blowing poet and short story writer) and Ngartia (another brilliant



Amol is in red and he too is a big reader and good writer. Julz is my closest sister in the Hisia Clan. She took

me to my first Ob/Gyn visit and told the doctor that we were separated at conception. Her family is my family

and we have sleep-overs whenever we have a chance to and meet as randomly as is humanly possible. She

 is often called a feminist – as if that’s such a bad thing – and has written some of the most poignant works of

that I have ever encountered.


Beryl, my fire and ice queen, only looks scandalous in this picture because I caught her unawares. And

someone I know was giving her the eyes… Anyway, I see a lot of myself in her. This girl is driven and fun

and intelligent. She also called me compared me to Kerry Washington on Facebook. No, you cannot

borrow her or have her on loan. She’s a big reader too.


Cheers to the cold and wet Monday this has turned out to be! I really can’t complain. My weekend has me smiling all week long.


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