#7 Fantastic Blogs & Bloggers

So I’ve always wanted to travel to India. Maybe live there for a bit. I believe I could be a vegan with all the wonderful varieties that Indian cuisine provides – colour, spice, texture, etc. I have watched documentaries and read a beautiful book – The Red Book by Meagan Delahunt – which have left me craving the sights and smells and culture of that faraway land.

*deep sigh*

However, until I actually travel to India, this blog post by Sarah will add up to the few reasons why I want ever so badly to find myself in Mumbai at some point in my life. And preferably before I’m sixty; maybe then I’ll want to travel to Israel and see Jacob’s well and the ruins of Solomon’s temple and Jerusalem.

Well, do enjoy the colourful India as depicted by Sarah in her blog post on http://www.yesandyes.org. I do envy her terribly. I really do.

Cheers to having pizza for lunch on Wednesday!

P.S. The headache from sleepiness did not go away after my strong brew of coffee. Maybe I can whine a little more about this a little later…


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