Valentine Special Plus

Good evening World!

I’m getting a non-stick/Teflon coated frying pan for Valentine’s Day! I am so happy I could die!!! The boyfriend is tucked away in Germany and this weekend he will be visiting my favourite aunt in Darmstadt. He lives and studies in Munich. Now you know why I want to go there so badly.

Someone got me withing I had a home of my own to renovate and decorate. Today. I saw Stephanie Zak’s home and I went pale with envy. Not green. Pale. So here I am sharing my envy.

If I were a housewife, I would more likely garden than anything else. First of all, I am not big on jam or sweets. The occasional craving kicks, but it remains as simply occasional. I’m a savoury girl. Which is why me and my favourite girls from campus for pizza – Hellen, the roommate and Lydia, the one whose room we were usually spending weekends at if we weren’t on ours or at home. Hellen just called to say she’s on her way to the central business district. And Simon is joining us. I haven’t seen him in two years! We used watch movies and have sandwiches at his house on Wednesdays.

*silent scream*

So back to the plants, this post on indoor plants got me thinking of how I will likely have a house bearing the stark resemblance to a 14th Century castle – complete with creepers, tendrils, rose bushes and orchids. A girl can dream, right? You will want to read some of the comments in this article. I giggled through my afternoon because of some of the encounters people have had with vegetation.

Sarah Wilson is a great blogger who quit sugar in order to better manage her autoimmune disease. Her blog gives tips on how to quit, etc. Since I love microbes too – which is why I ferment my porridge paste with sugar and warm water so that my mother’s kitchen or our college room smelled like a brewery – I too note of this post on Sarah’s homemade fermented daikon recipe. I don’t know what daikon is yet, but we can all find out together.


I started a blog for my short stories today right HERE! I am thrilled that I have taken this bold step after having put it on hold for months, even years, and I cannot wait to show you all my work. I decided to start with 14 short posts from my first days on Facebook. So far all my pieces have been saved as Facebook notes, but this is me taking the next step. I plan to release them in batches of between two and five every other day since they are around 150 of them and I want to start putting up my latest as soon as I am done with the archives. I hope you like them.


Cheers to the weekend! Be good to yourself this weekend. Start today. TGIF!!!



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