#10 Fantastic Blogs and Bloggers


I think I’d like to wind down on my list of great blog posts and their authors this week.

And the honour goes to Sarah Peck’s post on hustling as an exception rather than the rule of business. Some of us are built to think that anything we did not obtain through sweat, blood and/or tears (as Kerry would put it), is something short of the real deal. Sadly, I am one such person.

But I guess that explains why I am so strung so often. Why I sometimes only snicker or smile while everyone else around me is rolling on the floor wrapped in laughter and tears of joy. Why I sigh and smile when any other normal woman would go all out and squeal or jump about. Why I am often the tired or sleepy one in a room at 10 a.m. typing furiously or sketching notes or scheduling meeting for the next week on Tuesday morning.

Well, since I’m on thinking mode, Sarah’s article got me considering my options. Sometimes, and quit often, I need to relax.

P.S. And since I love food and would one day want to be vegetarian, I had to leave you with this wonderful post from a blog I am starting to read and borrow a lot from.



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