Moving On

Hey World!

So between forgetting a bunch of all my keys at a street vendor’s spot, having my padlock picked, losing my iPod and money for the rest of the month and the money I was supposed to get a non-stick pan with, losing and paying for my company phone, on top of all that I am also sleep deprived.

It all started on Sunday. And since I would hate to talk about it again, especially where I am now more paranoid about the dark and noises in the dark, I will leave out the details. Have I moved on? Maybe some. But I am still upset and trying to pick lessons from all this. Such as how grateful I should be that I did not lose so much more – and I really should have. My other toys are intact, I have a better padlock for my door, I’m spending more time appreciating my speakers (which survived the raid) and I will have a new iPod, and the Rossetti pan I have been dying to get, really soon.

Right now I am particularly grateful that I have Paul. That’s the boyfriend. He was the second person to know after my neighbour, whom I was visiting when my little haven was broken into. He reminded me to get a new lock, to be grateful that I was okay and to never have all my monies in one place. It felt great to have someone reassuring me from thousands of miles away that all would be well. And now, save the sleepiness, I am okay. Better than okay, even. Yesterday, I bought an exact replica of the company phone I lost. A friend in the police force has asked me to report the theft as he and one other contact help track the phone. I’m back on work mode. Paul made sure I had money for the rest of the month. My Valentine gift will still be purchased soon.

So as I sit here, with most of my tasks for the day completed, save one meeting, I can’t help but look forward to my Skype chat at 6 pm. This man really has it figured out. All I needed on Sunday night was to feel as if I could get through the night. So far, getting through the week has not been too big a chore and I feel energized for the rest of February.

I’m just feeling really loved today and I thought to share. That alongside this air plant have made my day.

Cheers to the lovely Wednesday!



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