Thinking Deeply

So I don’t drink. And it’s a surprise to many people since I am rather loud and opinionated and I lean in the favour of feminists. But I don’t drink and I avoid places with alcohol as much as I can. And I have been around enough drunken fools to dislike alcohol even more for the stupid things it makes people say and do.

Wednesday evening found me at the office past 7.15 p.m. I chanced upon a tipsy male colleague who insisted on dropping me close to my bust stop and, since my gut wasn’t telling me not to, I went with him back to his car. We got in and the damn thing refused to start. I offered to call a friend who runs auto-ambulancing and garage service, but my good friend would have none of it. He tried playing with a few things, checking some connections, pulling at some cables, tightening a bolt, but nothing. Apparently, it was a battery issue. He called his personal mechanic and we waited. The poor man would not stop apologizing for keeping me so long. To pass the time, I was shown a few hundred family photos featuring Sundays out, car rides, roller coaster rides, and several video clips with a little singing girl in uniform before and after her first day at school, etc. I scrolled through a couple and kept tabs on names and places, even though my colleague felt it necessary to keep repeating the same names in case I had forgotten them.

The mechanic and his friend arrived while I was back at the office, halving an apple I had left in the refrigerator to chill for the next day. I had also needed to use the bathroom. And to get away from family pictures and home videos. We were up and running in no time, we dropped the mechanics at their bus stop and we were finally on our way to my place. Since it was already 8.30 p.m. my good friend had decided he would drop me home. Turning down his offer seemed like a bad idea until he started speeding on the highway and braking suddenly. I was more than just a little scared.

All the way home, this guy talked about his wife. He told me that he had struggled through college and had been left by girls when they saw where he lived and I felt so bad. I felt even more guilty when he said that women sometimes set the bar too high because it felt a lot like he was accusing me and my race for making emasculating men and belittling them with our high opinions and loudness and preference for comfort and nice things. His wife had stayed. When things were bad, when finances were a mess, when he needed time to work on himself, she was always there. She gave, helped, didn’t nag or question, and stayed. So now he says she’s the only one for him. He finally got a good job and has been able to make her comfortable, take her to school and have her leave her old job. Now I wish I’d been the first to say hi whenever I went to his department to pick or drop a file or hand in reports.


Yesterday morning, I received a notification on my phone from Sarah’s yesandyes blog which left me terribly curious. It read: Love Them Enough to Leave Them Alone. You know how you string a nice guy or girl along, even though you are not interested in pursuing that relationship on a romantic note? Or how you want to remain friends with an ex whom you know is still hang up on you? Well, if that is you or your friend or sibling, you will want to read this post.


Kerry wrote something on her blog that got me missing my girls in Kajiado, where I love to teach English and essay writing. If you are half as passionate about getting kids to love books and inculcating a good reading culture in children, then you will want to read from Kerry’s Blog here. Plus, as if the stars were aligned in this regard, I got this Facebook notification about the exact same initiative.


I’m feeling very deep this Friday. Can you tell?


Cheers to the weekend finally promising to allow for some much needed rest and time to finally start reading My Sister’s Keeper!



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