It’s Monday Again!

Good morning World!

I spent the entire weekend in bed. Literally. I have been dying to spend a few extra lazy hours in bed watching something or reading something or not simply dreaming and staring at the pictures of food on my wall. I finally got to do it this weekend. Forget that I decided to clean my house and do my laundry after midnight on a Sunday night. I had a meeting at 8 a.m. and although I almost cancelled it, for selfish reasons, I decided to go for it. And I’m glad that I did.

Since I love to travel, I will be traveling a bit these next few months. After my meeting today, and a phone call with one of my girlfriends, I have decided to start with Eldoret and Samburu. Eldoret is like a large farm or farmers’ heaven. And I’m made to understand that business is booming and that that town is booming and growing like crazy. If people in a region eat off the land and (a majority) have built their homes too, then they have lots of money and time to spare for shopping and other business ventures. So I want to go see for myself. Samburu is classed as one of the ASAL areas of Kenya – arid and semi-arid, that is. And so is Kajiado. But I have lived and worked in Kajiado for a few months and I have volunteered there since 2008. Things are a little slow there – and this may be a biased opinion since I was born and bred on the fast lane that is Nairobi (Kenya’s capital) – but it is anything but a stretch of bare land with only mud structures or dried up rivers or thousands of herds of cattle and goats and sheep. There are buildings and schools and supermarkets and hospitals and universities coming up. And they now have beautiful homes with great views and the cost of land has gone up.

So it’s Monday and I’m thinking of traveling and hosting my girlfriends Lydia and Hellen starting Friday. I am so excited about it I could die. Quite literally. Meanwhile, anyone in Nairobi on Friday should be at the Michael Joseph Center at 7 p.m. to watch Lele Ngoma performing. Afro-fusion has never come to man sounding this well put together. I plan on tagging along with something of a small crowd myself.

How’s your Monday coming along?


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