The Cakes Have Arrived!!!

The Cakes Have Arrived!!!

Robert is one of my favourite cake people in the world. He and his boss, Frida, head of Fridas Bake House, introduced me to banana cake and zucchini cake and I have extended mouth watering excitement to my friends and family.
Emmanuel, my nephew loves their banana cake. I love their zucchini cake; and now so does Imelda from where I work – she’s across the hall at a different company.
Since I’m hooking up with my best friends from campus starting tonight and all through the weekend, I ordered cake for breakfast tomorow.


Cheers to the fantastic weekend ahead!!!

P.S. Hellen, my favourite girl in the world – though there’s also Julie and Lydia – is coming. She’s my campus roomie and she is my soulmate. She get me. And she’s on her way to my office just now!!! *dying of excitement*

Banana Cake fresh from the oven

Banana Cake fresh from the oven

Zucchini Cake, my favourite

Zucchini Cake, my favourite

And I couldn't resist!

And I couldn’t resist!




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