That was one hell of weekend!

Hellen came by the office and we got talking and almost lost track of time. We had a concert to attend at 7 pm but wound up leaving at 9 pm – when the concert was scheduled to end. Why? I had a short story to submit.

We took a cab and split the fare, but were dropped off at the wrong building and walked the rest of the way – Google maps said it would take us 18 minutes. Hellen fell, I laughed and we made it for the concert. A couple of favourites were performed, we sang along and hooked up with our friends. I said hi to Beryl and Ivy. Felix took a few pictures and Koa took a couple more. Koki had arrived from Meru and gotten there before us. We took a couple of pictures with Lisa and Bodo after his stunning performance and I got a bear hug from Kim. Bodo is the lead male vocalist. Kim plays the electric guitar. Masese is on keys, Jack on the bass guitar, Joan is the new female vocalist and Humphrey plays the drums. We call Humphrey Ngomlet, as in little drum in Swahili and English. Kevin played the other ordinary guitar and his girlfriend Mel was around. We danced together – Mel and I. We twisted about during the final performance. Julie and I hooked up for a brief chat and some silly posing. She suggested dancing after, but we already had plans. Emmanuel came in late. He’s my boyfriend’s nephew and I love him so.

Lisa, Hellen, Koki and I took groupie pictures with Charles. Koki was exhausted and I needed to send a story. I had written it, but I was yet to actually send it via email. We came back to my office, I converted my story to PDF, added a title and inserted page numbers. I had to resend it because I had missed a letter. It finally left my sent items folder at 0002 hours. I don’t feel as bad as I should about it. We went to the roof and took pictures and sighed at the beautiful city lights.

Hellen and I got to my place at 0248 hours, worrying about what our mothers would think if they knew that we were out on the road at such an ungodly hour. We had been the only sober people in the matatu we had boarded to Muthiga, where I stay. We ate some more cake, sent texts out to our friends to confirm that we had arrived home and slept at almost 4 a.m.

Lisa came over on Saturday afternoon and we talked and laughed and turned up the music. Bodo caught up with us as we got vegetables for supper and after I had cooked we talked into Sunday morning – about our parents, siblings, school, work, the concert and sex.

Hellen woke up early because she had a hair appointment. Some of us list that under “elitist behaviour”. She took pictures of us while we slept and promised I’d see her on Sunday at the Hisia Zangu workshop. Lisa didin’t make pancakes. I made toast, we listened to music and after we had all hit the shower, Bodo and Lisa wanted to leave. I wore a see-through top with only a black bra inside and carried a scarf to cover up. The top was Lisa’s fault. Bodo said nothing. I walked them to the stop and Lisa got me a large blue lollipop. Bodo bought me a kilogram of wheat flour – he knows I love pancakes.

Today, we’re all slow and hangover from sleep deprivation. Yet we are all happy and cannot wait for the next time we get to do this again.

Cheers to the weekend blues!


Koki and Kim


left to right: Hellen, Bodo, me, Lisa

WP_20140228_044[1] WP_20140228_052[1] Ivy, Bodo and I…then Beryl on the far left and Julie and Wangu to my left, respectively


Emmanuel on the roof


Hellen’s picture of the sleeping children. Lisa sensed something was up and got up.

InstagramCapture_8c771562-0f16-45d8-96c2-9fab6b0399ee_jpg[1]Sunday morning toast!


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