My New Year’s Resolution – To Get A Divorce

This is so true about me and a number of my close friends. I think it’s time we learned to set our priorities straight.
I spent most of my morning queuing at various banking halls and decided that a cheesey lunch and good reads would do me good before setting off to have tea with my friends this evening (I sound so English!!!)
This post got me thinking that I have almost cried when the battery on my phone is low and I am not able to recharge until I get home or back to the office. I have known, since I got my Lumia in December, that I would develop an unhealthy attachment. The boyfriend has noticed too. Yet here I am still stuck with my bad habit and little resolve for change.
Cheers to the sunny and promising Tuesday this has turned out to be!


2 thoughts on “My New Year’s Resolution – To Get A Divorce

    • I have, but even that scares me stiff. My phone is my work, connection to friends, where I hang out with the Mr. while running around, my networks, my hobbies (writing, reading, music, picture taking, et al)…

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