TWENDE LELE- An Event Review of the Jahazi Concert

Simply because Lele Ngoma is all that and then some as a Afrofusion Band. I don’t think I could have said this any better.
Cheers to the weekend!


Last Friday (28th Feb 2014) it was raining events! There was Sarabi, there was Lele Ngoma, Wapiwapi, and then there was Sarakasi all performing at different venues on the same day! Where to go?! Event’s organizers should have conventions where they meet and decide to spread out awesomeness over several days so we can go to all the events! For real!

Anyhow, I settled for LELE- I have seen Sarabi in action thrice already, Sarakasi more than that, Wapiwapi’s CV was purely from word of mouth so I didn’t want to gamble. Lele however I had seen in action at the BOGOF 2012 and I remember liking their music. So I was pretty sure it was going to be nice recap- even though the event was being held at Michael Joseph Center (MJC).

I have an Eish attitude when I hear an event is at MJC and I have good…

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