Funky Friday

Hello World!

I have gone on and one about Sarah Peck and I am not about to stop. This is precisely why: she and I both believe that life is really about human connections – people and not stuff. Here is a post by Sarah on how certain reminders, such as ensuring we don’t get caught up, come to us at the just right time.

Who doesn’t Nutella?


I don’t use it much anymore, but this post by Mandy on Homemade Nutella with no dairy or sugar added, definitely caught my eye. So I’m sharing the temptation with the lovely lot of you!

There is a call out for short story submissions by StoryMoja (a very big deal in literary circles in Kenya) and I am half excited half scared. At least I’m not terrified, right? Well, I have until my next birthday to work on my collection and see how that goes.

It’s a funky Friday for me because the weekend comes rife with the promise of good things. I am excited about Jazz Night at Alliance Francaise on Tuesday, thrilled by the oncoming weekend with Lisa (who has been my temporary roommate from Monday night. She says she’s leaving on Sunday, but I have duct tape and ropes under my mattress), and particularly grateful for the positive energy I have been surrounded by at work these past few days. Plus, I can’t wait to sleep and watch the final season of House in bed.

Lastly, I’d like to share my short stories with you. They are on my second blog


Cheers to the weekend that is upon us!


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