Becky + Hans

Beck and Has had a beautiful wedding on the 20th of December, 2014. Hans (Johannes) is my boyfriend’s older brother. Paul (the boyfriend) just sent me a link to the photographer’s blog featuring the couple. I am completely blown away!!!

victororeyo photography


Groom :: Johannes Onjala

Bride :: Rebecca Wanga

Wedding Venue ::  Mary Mother Of God ( Mbulbul)

Reception :: Shade Hotel – Karen

Photo Session :: Natare Gardens

I have never shot a low light wedding before from the Church to the Reception i had to shoot at high ISO’s  all through and on a D7000 this was the most challenging wedding i’ve ever shot and its because of these that i  started investing on prime lenses so far so good  and soon will upgrade the body to a D600, any ways i got some few good shots enjoy your view_DSC4822_DSC4839_DSC4881_DSC4905_DSC4915_DSC4925_DSC4943_DSC4987_DSC5041_DSC5059_DSC5078_DSC5090_DSC5118_DSC5131_DSC5146_DSC5150_DSC5152_DSC5154_DSC5157_DSC5166_DSC5279_DSC5297_DSC5502_DSC5636_DSC5509_DSC5726_DSC5478_DSC5738_DSC5764_DSC5807_DSC5885_DSC5886_DSC5895_DSC5900_DSC5918_DSC5939_DSC5962_DSC5974_DSC6015

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