Long Distance Love: Third Serving


I promise to try and write you more and stop sharing about long distance relationships. Actually, I kinda already have because the post I’m sharing today is about moving halfway across the world and falling in love while you’re there. Here is the post.

I’m in a pretty good mood after my Skype chat with the boyfriend. I plan on visiting him in August and it’s starting to sink in.

Meanwhile, Nairobi is a mess! Our main means of public transport, we call them matatus, on strike! So fares have doubles and tripled and life is hard. I’m getting off work early to see whether I’ll attend an Open Mic event a friend invited me to or whether I’m rushing home while the sun is still up.

And I donated blood today! So proud. It has been a while. For a couple of months in a row I would see the blood drive stands while on my period and sulk. While stuck in the CBD today, I figured I shouldn’t take the chance of missing and filled out the form while they were still setting up. And I saw some familiar faces from my campus days and talked to the friendly people who work to keep our blood banks full


Cheery Tuesday y’all!


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