Murphy’s Law in Action


I have had a loooong week. Most of it has been spent wishing I had more time to sleep or relax or both and it has been pretty crazy.

Monday started with an impromptu meeting at the office which found me serving tea, ordering for lunch out of the blue and clearing up several greasy plates. I couldn’t go out because I hadn’t managed to rest during the weekend and I can’t even remember why.

Tuesday morning was a little breezy, but I was groggy and I kept dreading the early morning business meeting I have every Wednesday at 6.30 a.m. about 30 minutes away from where I live. It suddenly occurred to me that I was sad and lonely because I miss my boyfriend. He’s in Munich and I’m in Nairobi. It will be exactly 3 months since he flew back on the 18th, and this always happens, but you never really get used to being in a long distance relationship. The meltdowns resulting from loneliness come a month after the departure and then around two months after that. At six months, I’m better adjusted. For some reason, likely because I am not around people as much as I was last year, I get dreadfully lonely and sad and have to distract myself with something; usually an episode of House or Criminal Minds, but I’m already running out of both. And I just realized that I forgot to copy movies from an external hard disk I have had with me for several hours. The owner picked it from me an hour ago.

I woke up at 4.40 a.m. on Wednesday and was able to have breakfast. Cell reception is poor where I stay, but I have a few places in my apartment where I have 4 bars. By the time the cabbie called, I was miffed and by the time I got to where he had parked, so was he. Turns out he had expected me to magically read his mind and show up outside and wait for him as soon as he had arrived. There was some tension after that. We both tried making small talk,but I was upset and so was he. By the time I was done running around, giving my pitch and playing visitor host, I was tired. And that was at about 9.30 a.m. I had several client viewings at the office later in the day and the hours flew by so fast I noticed it was already after 5 p.m. Later in the evening, after failing to get out of the office early as I had hoped to, I managed to get so engrossed with chatting on Whatsapp that I missed my stop and wound up at the final stop; which, mind you, is in another town. I laughed at myself, but I was also a little scared. So I asked for where vehicles back to the city centre were picked and was home in less than 15 minutes after I had boarded.

Yesterday, I discovered that my business card holder was missing. So was the bank slip proving that I had paid for my April rent. I had made a copy of the slip, but I put both papers in my card holder, which got switched up with someone else’s identical card holder at a business meeting on Wednesday. I had hoped to get home early yesterday. Didn’t happen. I tripped over a cracked pavement and my sandal snapped. I had to toddle to a shoe shiner’s stall to ask for help. Thankfully, he was able to direct me to a cobbler who fixed the sandal and her sister – just in case something else went wrong.

Today, Nairobi city council officials dropped by my office and asked for a certificate I had asked our accountant to process agea ago. Trouble is, she’s on leave this week. She has exams so I couldn’t find her on phone. I almost got arrested, but the building’s caretaker came to my rescue and the accountant called me back after about two hours. Unfortunately, she was rather tickled by the whole thing. I am saving my energy for Monday when I meet her face-to-face. Hopefully, I will keep calm and count backwards in my head.

So I got to read a blog post about growth and change and though it may not be directly relevant to how long my week was, it got me a little calm. I don’t like change. And growing up has its perks, but lately it has also sucked a whole lot. I guess I’m in a bad mood, but I’m also pretty relieved.

When I thought I was about to get arrested, I called my mother. After my move, I have been keeping my distance. But we got over the part where she got upset and asked me why I was giving her the silent treatment, to the part where conversations were brief and awkward and about other people. Now we’re on texting basis. She asks me to do stuff as opposed to telling me and I am talking to her more. Tonight, I’ll be staying at her place. Well, tonight and tomorrow night.

And now that I’m done letting out what I had locked up within I’m not too upset anymore. I guess I’ll make those calls I hav been meaning to make and send out a couple more emails before going out to collect the card holder I finally manage to trace.

Remind me to tell you how things are going with my stalled rabbit rearing project. I may have recently met someone who can help me get it up and running. It really is about time I got to it.


Have a great weekend! I plan to spend most of mine in bed


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