The Writing Life – Annemarie Musawale

For writers such as myself who love writing and would want nothing more than more time to write and lead lives whose encounters would make more fodder for writing.


I started writing as soon as I learned how to write. I was always writing little stories to please my mother, many times, not finishing them. I thought that everyone did that, because my sisters and cousins also wrote stories. I just thought it was a normal thing. My first finished story was a semi autobiography that I started writing as a journal during my pregnancy 14 years ago and which I completed in 2007.

It was difficult to write but the people who have read it say it makes them laugh and cry at the same time which is all a writer really wants, isn’t it? My second finished piece of writing was the sequel to my published novel known as Child of Destiny. There is always some sort of story percolating in my head, and this one just wouldn’t go away. In fact, the whole story was laid…

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