How was my Easter Weekend? Well…

Hey World,


I have been meaning to write you, but a girl can get busy.

Easter was busier than I had expected it to be; I had work on Friday morning and managed to sign up a client, I met my girl Lily for coccee in town and then headed to Ruai to visit Grandma. There was church on Saturday morning, lunch in the afternoon, a nap in the afternoon, dinner and a surprise visit from my uncle Moses and his son Mandela (we call him Nemo, sometimes). I watched two episodes of Boardwalk Empire, which is starting to grow on me. On Sunday, Nemo and I baked a chocolate cake, had lunch and left Gran. I went to visit my boyfriend’s family and it was a food fest to remember – Ria, his sister, made pilau rice and Thai chicken. I had lots of fun and was tempted to spend the night, but I was probably going to have to be at the office on Monday.

mandazi by Ria


Thai Chicken and Pilau Rice Mixture by Ria

Thai Chicken and Pilau Rice Mixture by Ria








Nemo’s Chocolate Cake


Fortunately, the dreaded call didn’t come. But I still woke up before 9 a.m. because my neighbour (not the same idiot who turns up the volume on his subwoofer after 9 p.m. and watches movies all night) has a new system and he likes Pop and high school hits. I had to knock on his door and interrupt his cleaning. The noise came down, but my sleep was all gone. So it was a little reading, a lot of music and some sewing – repairs, hanging hems, tears, holes and such. Lily visited, and brought Felipe (her boyfriend) along, and I was thrilled to have her over. When they left, I had a large batch of juice to drink all by myself.


Juice from Lily and Felipe

Juice from Lily and Felipe

It’s almost time to thank God that it’s Friday, but I’ll wait. I’m going to the city centre to sell sachets of coffee to my friends. It’s a business I ventured into yesterday, with Paul’s support, and I can’t wait to see how this goes.

I’ll keep you posted, though.


Bye kids!


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