Sandwiches for Lunch

Hey kids!

Guess who suffered another bout of fever and chills accompanied by a stuffy nose at 3 a.m. last night!!! Since I was a major fan of aerobics at uni, I have been able to master (and by this I mean to recall, and not to perfect) a few yoga poses which leave me feeling relaxed. So picture me (or don’t) getting up to stretch and twist my stuffy form back into shape. I have this application from the Nokia store on my phone which says that yoga is really about breathing and meditation. This Type A forgets that a lot, so I remembered a while after I had been struggling and in a few minutes my breathing was better!

Fast forward to the 6 hours before the storm broke and you will have me chilling out with an old friend and a new one talking about everything an nothing in particular.


I made these chicken brawn sandwiches with toasted buns and lightly fried and spiced tomatoes. I’m not German enough to have cold sandwiches and the nutritionist switch felt it needful to fry the tomatoes to increase the bioavailability of betacarotene since it’s fat soluble. I was also probably guilty about having cured meat on my plate. So I smeared some pounded garlic and black pepper on top of the brawn slices before letting them heat up a little on my (French) non-stick pan.


WP_20140428_012[1] WP_20140428_014[1]

Is it just me or does it sound as if I’m bragging?

Maybe I am having a great day!

Happy Tuesday!!!

P.S. About the kids statement at the beginning, it’s really a term of endearment. Most of my male friends still grumble about, but I’m sure you don’t mind 🙂

Okay, bye!


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