Monday Lessons

Hello World!

I loooooove TedTalks and I came across a rather profound talk by, I dare say, a rather brave and brilliant young man. Why? Because he tells us why he stopped watching pornography.

And since Mondays are such a great excuse to sit and absorb lessons, I thought to read a great post I have been putting off for a quiet moment. Sarah Peck shares a beautiful poem on being tired, worn out and beleaguered.

I have a nasty sore throat and I want to go home and… I was going to say rest, but I remembered that I have a great pack of Knorr vegetable soup in my cupboard and lots of noodles!

Somehow I’m feeling so much better now!!!

Cheers everyone!


2 thoughts on “Monday Lessons

    • I DO spend hours watching TedTalks! And I have since been sharing some of their talks with the high school kids and college going students I mentor. It’s amazing how life-changing these talks have been to me and people I know who apply them.

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