Tedster Tuesday

Hello World!


Knorr Vegetable Soup

Knorr Vegetable Soup

Fresh Wholewheat Bread

Fresh Wholewheat Bread

Plus Potato Chips = DINNER

Plus Potato Chips = DINNER

Today has been chilly and wet outside. I am terribly glad I reached for the polo neck, black sweater and shawl this morning. I may have overslept and woken up thinking of what would not need ironing, so it was a blessed coincidence.

Work is going great, I had a sit-down with a previously feuding colleague and Ted talks are keeping me inspired. Plus, I managed to sell my first box of Organo Gold Coffee. I can’t wait for the end of the month to see how much I will have banked from sales and such. Otherwise, I am already making headway. That isn’t to say that I will not be on a deliberate shoe-string budget, as my mother calls it. Neither does it mean that I will not go shopping for a few new official pants for work, hopefully with Lisa who is off hiking some mountain in this beautiful country of ours. Last I checked, a few hours ago, she was both thrilled and scared.

Speaking of TedTalks, I found this lovely spoken word performance on Social Media rather clever and sadly true for many people. If you’re up for a few more Unplug Days on your calendar, you will obviously enjoy Look Up. Watch, listen, learn and for Heaven’s sake please apply.

The second TedTalk appealed my inner feminist and the woman in me. In actual fact, there are two: Let’s Get Naked and …

I always look forward to reading from A Beautiful Mess, so I thought to share the amazing posts on a rope rag you can make yourself, a vinaigrette recipe and a hobo bag. It’s all here.

Lastly, I feel absolutely connected to a blogger I just met whose introduction and blog name had me thinking of myself. I turn 26 towards the end of July and it’s a little bitter sweet for me. Bitter mostly because I will no longer say that I am in my mid-twenties; since I will have crossed over the middle. Sweet because growing older has allowed me to develop a deeper and more fulfilling appreciation for things I took for granted as a teen. I therefore invite you to read the backstory to the blog Young and Twenty. I recall there being a TedTalk about thirty NOT being the new twenty, but I’ll leave the Youtube search to the curious

Cheers, y’all!

P.S. Remind me to share a few more food posts before the week ends. Okay? Thanks 🙂


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