I am THRILLED by these Three Things this Thursday

So I have a bunch of things to read before I go on Skype, but I am so thrilled by the following THREE things today. Well , in all honesty, I am happy about several things today, but these three top the list – not any particular order:

1. The links shared on Kerry’s latest blog post

2. GUAVAS!!! For the past two days, I have found myself boarding a bus which drops me one stop before the one I drop at to get home. It happened again last night. So this new stop is at a market with lots of cheap fresh fruit and I could not resist the temptation to buy guavas. I cannot think of any Kenyan whose childhood memories do not include visits to their home village where adventures such as climbing guava (or any fruit) tree! I am literally still doing a happy nostalgic dance as I type this.

whole guava

whole guava

Bitten Guava

Bitten Guava

3. The first time I heard about Organo Gold Coffee, I snickered to myself and thought “Great! Another American mid-level marketing venture. No, thanks!” But I sat with one of the members of this company and bought a box of coffee. Being a professional marketer, I figured I could easily sell off half of the sachets in each box and recover half money I had spent on the initial purchase. I didn’t think I would like the stuff. I mean, who doesn’t get skeptical about coffee laced with a Chinese mushroom extract with medicinal properties?! Long story short, I am no longer struggling with insomnia, frequent headaches or menstrual cramps. I kid you not. And so far, I have heard of two people who have told their close friends and family – who in turn told me – that they are managing various conditions – including type I Diabetes, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, overweight, arthritis and severe menstrual cramps and bleeding – using this new coffee. If anyone has another personal experience to share please let me know because I am still in shock!

Organo Gold Coffee: Black and Latte

Organo Gold Coffee: Black and Latte

Bye now!



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