Friday’s Freedom!

When a brilliant girlfriend of yours asks you to read through an insanely clever post before she submits it to another big deal blogger, it can be intimidating and inspirational. That explains where I have been ALL afternoon. I am literally drenched in inspiration!

IT’S FRIDAY! *silent scream*

The writing bug is finally biting again and I ca

My girlfriend Ivy is coming over for the weekend and I can’t wait to chill out, talk, cook, talk some more and hardly sleep. She’s dating a photographer (awesome person at heart and gifted young man), but I can’t do my Sunday shoot with him because it may be a little weird when I’m only dressed in scarves…

Children have been on my mind lately – street families, my nephew and lately, my own. I didn’t always want to have kids. On some days, I’m still not sure I want to be a mother, but I do think about it sometimes. Naturally, I look forward to nurturing and unlearning a handful of heartaches and repeating precious life lessons and warm memories and beautiful family traditions. Imagine my surprise when I saw a post on the same thing. In Sarah Von Bargen’s latest post: What I’m (Trying To) Teach My Kids! I read from parents around the world who are trying to impart certain life lessons to their little ones. Makes me kinda look forward to doing the same with my own.

Although I have recently been taking steaming hot coffee, this post on cold coffee treats with a hint of coconut flavour left me wishing I had thought of this myself! I will never get enough of Elsie and Emma’s blog

Have a great weekend, dear World!



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