Then Came Monday

Guess who isn’t sleep deprived and sleepy! I am thrilled beyond words. Literally.

I got to the office so early I had time to browse through several blogs and watch numerous Andrea Bocelli performances. I am almost in tears now – from all the joy, excitement and laughter. Here’s where and why:

If you’re still struggling as a writer, you will want to read Timothy Rike’s post for a little inspiration. The comments help out too, because there’s nothing quite like hearing that other people have been or are where you have been or are. Trust me, you are not alone.

In 5 things to do while you’re young, Joe Warnimont got me feeling rather adventurous about writing. I have officially decided to get back on a writing project I had shelved a few months ago. I’ll tell you all about it once I grow the muscle of courage I need for the big reveal. And please don’t hold you’re breath. I plan to take my time.

I came across a DIY clothing rack by Rubyellen Bratcher on and wanted to die of envy. I recently purchased a great clothes rack, courtesy of my future brother-in-law, but I could not help but wish that I had made my own and added another piece of personal achievement to my little nest.

Have you ever asked yourself whether you balance your work life with your love life? I have. I still do. So reading work life balances tips by Elizabeth McKenzie shook me a little more because I too know how to get caught up with work and goals at the expense of quality time with my boyfriend who is already on another continent. Recently, he has been hanging high on my priority list and I am pleasantly surprised that I have kept him there that long.

I’m Breaking Up With Food. Well, not me, but Kelly Rheel, who is so funny I had to stop reading her for a while so my clients would not think I was going crazy! Having a background in nutrition and a hot budding love interest in biology I can’t help but read whatever food, diet and science related material (or crap) that meets my eye. If you want to change your relationship with food, and lean closer to the healthy, do take time to read this Rheel break-up post.

I love reading. And writing. But I often draw the (very think and biased) line when it comes to motivational books; especially if they have the word “SUCCESS” on the fron or back cover. However, I came across Caroline Frenette’s very realistic and practical and inspirational (I really did try to avoid that last word, though) post on 2 key factors that influenced her success. I may be wrong, but my bothering to even look at the post likely had something to do with the summary of her success into 2 main influencing factors.

I really hope you’re having a Monday as great as mine!




2 thoughts on “Then Came Monday

    • Good grief! I am so sorry, Kelly. I will correct that right away.
      I’m glad I came across your blog at this particular point in time; I have been looking for out-of-the ordinary reads to brighten my days. Thanks for dropping in.

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